Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bug boy....revisited

Last night, after getting the kids settled, Jake came wandering back downstairs telling us there was a big spider in his room and he couldn't sleep. He has used this tactic before and once we 'looked' and assured him there were no spiders, that was it. This time due to sheer laziness, Rob and I told him that it was in his imagination and to just go to bed. We didn't hear much after that, and figured our solution had worked.

15 minutes later, Jake comes flying down the stairs yelling, "Trey caught the spider for me, LOOK", shoving a plastic sandwich bag in our faces. Sure enough, there was a BIG spider....fortunately, safely zipped inside the sandwich bag. Jake, the brave big brother, went to Trey's room, woke him up, and made him catch the spider for him. I asked Jake exactly how Trey caught the spider, and he said that Trey had just held open the bag and waited patiently for the spider to crawl inside- I'm sure there was some spider herding involved. Trey was quite proud of himself- so much so, that he I think he had every intention of keeping the spider. Not on my watch :)

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leahlefler said...


I really hope my boys don't get interested in spiders- they totally freak me out!