Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Monday Before Thanksgiving....

Being the smart, organized person I *try* (and usually fail) to be, I planned the entire menu for next Thursday, made my grocery list, and went to both Costco and our local grocery store yesterday. I was assuming they would be horribly crowded, and it was crowded, but definitely not 'horribly'. It was like any other normal Sunday weekend. It was a pleasant surprise. The only downside was I agreed to bring the two girls with me and I forgot how much more difficult Costco is with the kids. They are just too easily distracted.....samples, books, movies. All I needed were cupcakes for the soccer party, and some pizza. $150 later we left Costco.

We had the boys' end of year soccer party last night. It was fun, and Trey was thrilled to get his first trophy EVER! Pizza, trophies and cupcakes as big as their heads- it doesn't get much better than that.

Today, I took the boys on a fun field trip to our local hospital to get screening EKGs done (based on a recommendation from my husbands Cardiologist). The wait wasn't too bad, and the boys got to leave with EKG leads, and printouts of what their heart rhythm looks like. The fun never ends around here :) The technician commented that I "should have brought my camera", and my thought was "yes....cute blog pictures". But, sorry, no camera.


leahlefler said...

Ugh- grocery shopping with kids is almost like torture! ROFL. And yay for Trey's first trophy- I can't wait until my boys are old enough for organized sports. Then again, I think I'll keep them little and snuggly (g).

Val said...

I keep my camera in my purse usually, I use it as ransom on occasion. "you start fighting and i'm taking your picture and putting it on the blog for all your school friends to see!!!"
Right now I threaten to take a photo w/my cell phone and send it to Santa.

Loudest Mom said...

Leah- definitely torture...and expensive :)

Val- Love it. I'm going to use the Santa threat as well. Great idea!