Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Only one more outdoor soccer game to go....

and that's Emily's game this Saturday (which it's supposed to be very nice- what a way to end Fall soccer, 55-60 degrees and sunny). We survived the big game last night, and the two teams tied....again :) It was a great game, but literally played as a whole lotta rain came down (and yes, that's a technical term). The girls were soaked. You could see water running off their clothing, off their hair, etc. The ball was sliding all over the place, but NO MUD. Turf fields are great in the rain!

Now picture the state of Delaney's hearing aid....ugh. She chooses not to wear her implant during soccer games, so it is just fine, but how that hearing aid is still working is beyond me. It is her original hearing aid that she got when she was 3 years old, and it has been through many, many, rainy soccer games. Hopefully it will last through many more. We probably should invest in a really good dry aid kit and not push our luck too much. Maybe another stocking stuffer (my children would be thrilled-LOL)

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