Thursday, November 20, 2008

Book Fair Fever....

My children are obsessed with the Book Fair. They've already been to visit it three times (which means I am book fair-ed out). But, this morning I took them for their last visit. It can definitely *only* be described as controlled chaos. They gave numbers out to the kids who wanted to enter without parents, but since I was with Jake and Emily they got to breeze right past the line, much to the dismay of the children waiting oh so patiently.

Delaney came with us, since it was an early start day, and she was greeted by many of the school staff with hugs, etc. (so she was on cloud's nice to be missed). However, what made my day, despite the crowd and the money I shelled out, were the wonderful comments I received about both Emily and Jake. I was told how sweet and polite they both are, numerous times. And, one woman in particular came up to me to tell me how much she just loves Emily. I think sweet and just beautiful was the exact comment.

As a mom, it is nice to hear such positive feedback every once in awhile, especially in regard to their manners. It's a treat to get a snapshot of our children through other peoples eyes in a completely unsolicited manner. I'm sure I'll hear plenty of the opposite in regard to Jake, with his mischievous soul, but hopefully I'll remember the days like today where I got to hear the *good* stuff, and maybe not get too, too mad at him :)

FYI- I've got Comcast coming out today to try to figure out why Rob can no longer connect wirelessly, so if I go "missing", you'll know something went horribly wrong-LOL.

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