Monday, February 18, 2008

What a plague it was

Luckily my husband is still the only one to really get this one (thank goodness!). It was a bad one. At one point on Saturday he had a 105.5 degree fever, and was just miserable. I thought we might have to take him to the hospital, but it seemed to get better from that point on. He still is not 100%, but he is now functional. It's more like a bad cold at this point. So- I'd love to tell you what a great four day weekend we had, but we really didn't.

Delaney went to a friend's beach house and comes home later today, so I think she had a fantastic weekend. The rest of us just tried to avoid the sick one, and played outside a lot. I didn't get much painting done, but that was o.k. I was kind of painted out. Plus we finished another wall in Emily's room and I had Emily, myself, and the two boys, all holding paintbrushes covered with pink paint, bumping into one another, dripping on the carpet, etc. It just wasn't a good idea to continue. The boys thought it was the best thing in the world though :)

We had Trey's parent teacher conference on Friday. He is doing great in all areas (w/ the exception being speech/communication, but that's why we have him at this school anyway). He's doing really well socially, and follows all the classroom 'rules', schedule, as well or better than some of the other kids. He is the only HOH child in his particular class, so he's functioning at a similar level to regular hearing kids. Hopefully his speech will start flourishing at some point. We're definitely seeing improvement, but he's going to be four in May, and will start soccer in August. It would be nice to see his communication skills improve a bit by that time, although his coach will be a champ at understanding him- Coach dad.

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