Monday, February 25, 2008

Snowball and SuperRat

A sigh of relief. The rats returned to school today (and we managed not to kill them- yay us). And, despite my initial feelings of revulsion, I actually came to like these fuzzy little critters. Not enough to volunteer to provide them with a permanent home, but it was kind of fun having them for the weekend. The boys loved them. Loved them so much in fact, that every time I turned around they were sneaking them extra food. Which would not have been a problem except they were *supposed* to be on a very specific diet (which did not include cheese, which is what the boys kept sneaking them: American, cheddar, provolone- a little here, a little there). I had to search the cage this morning to hide all evidence of CHEESE (which was difficult, since Trey opted for shredded cheddar last night). Trey also provided them with a mini soccer ball (a foos ball that is painted to look like a soccer ball), and a miniature wiffle ball, so they wouldn't be bored (not that they were given that opportunity: every five minutes someone was wanting to hold them, shove them in a pocket, etc.) I'm sure Snowball and SuperRat were quite happy to be back in their classroom after their stay with us.

1 comment:

leahlefler said...

A rat with no cheese??!! That just doesn't seem fair!

I am sure the rats are putting in votes to return to your house soon. They'd like more provalone, and Gouda if you would be so generous. LOL!

I am SO glad my boys aren't in school with rodent class pets yet!