Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The $10 Sticker

Trey is now the proud owner of a sparkly $10 Elmo sticker. He woke up Sunday running a fairly high fever, so I decided he should probably see our Pediatrician to rule out ear infection, etc. I was fairly certain he had the same thing Rob and I had (and was secretly hoping it was treatable w/ antibiotics)- I was correct. He does have what we had, but antibiotics will not work unless there is a secondary bacterial infection. So the good news is that he has no secondary infection, the bad news? It just needs to run its course. And, I got to spend $10 at the doctor's office w/ nothing to show for it but a sparkly Elmo sticker.

I also get to go back today :) Emily has been complaining of ear pain since last week. No fever, and it doesn't seem to be too severe, but if she does have a slight ear infection, it is not going away on its own. And then there is Jake. His hearing is definitely not rebounding. In fact, he is still cranking up the TV, Radio, etc. even with his newly adjusted hearing aids on. I had our Audiologist do tymps again, and he still has flat tympanograms. So, we need to get him figured out. We may need to just put new ear tubes in just to regulate his ear pressure. So, he has an appointment with our ENT on March 5th.

This is why I am bad with Well-child visits when they are older. I feel like we spend enough time at the doctor, without having to go when they are healthy. At what age do you stop taking your child in for a yearly checkup? Delaney is going to be 12 in October. I took her for a checkup last year, does she need to go again this year? Does it switch to an every other year thing at some point, or just when immunizations are needed? Kids really need to come with their own Owner's Manual and Maintenance Schedule, don't you agree?

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