Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Will is Being Tested

I am trying to DRAG myself to the gym today, to get in another run but between the ice/slush/snow coating the hill out of our neighborhood, and my whiny, whiny little girl I'm not sure it is going to happen. My husband is going through soccer withdrawal so he and Delaney went to watch one of the older teams play (since they just started their State Cup). I am enjoying having the break, and do not miss sitting in the freezing cold watching soccer. I should probably be watching the boys since Trey just came into the office with his toy front loader filled with slushy snow (which is great with cream colored carpet). Jake on the other hand has taken the blanket from his brother's bed and is drying the dog off (who was also out playing in the wet mess outside). I'm sure his brother will appreciate his new and improved dog-scented blanket.

Good news: We received two brand new cochlear implant batteries yesterday. I'm so excited to not be using broken batteries that we have to tape onto the processors. I have to get all of the kid's hearing checked and I'm sure adjust maps, hearing aids, etc. Hopefully there are no major changes with the aided ears, but better to know so we can make adjustments. I'm really excited to see how Emily is doing with her new implant. I think she's doing fantastic, but it's always fun to see how her 'official' tests go. Well- I've procrastinated enough. Bye!

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