Saturday, February 9, 2008

Putting on my chef's hat today.....

Well maybe the word 'chef' is giving myself too much credit, but I'm going to do some baking today. Delaney's soccer party has been changed from a pizza party, to a potluck dinner at the coaches' house. This gave me the perfect excuse to whip up a big ol' chocolate cake.

Two of my favorite things to make for a group dinner/potluck are King Ranch Chicken Casserole, and Texas Sheet Cake. I guess my Texas heritage comes out every once in awhile. The cake I used to request for my birthday growing up was my Gram's Texas sheet cake- until my sister helped to make it one year and forgot to BEAT the egg when she added it. It came out flat, and basically had a hard boiled egg in the middle of it. Yum!

Now the trick will be to do all this cooking without attracting the attention of my helpers :) My wonderful husband (who now reads this, so I'll have to give him kudos when he does something extra special), has taken Trey to watch a soccer game for a couple of hours, so that leaves me w/ only 3 potential bowl lickers.

On a sidenote- It is absolutely beautiful here today. Sunny, bright blue skies, w/ just a few white puffy clouds. This is so rare for this time of year, I just had to comment on it. We get this little patches of blue every once in awhile we call 'sucker holes'. They trick you into thinking it's clearing up, only to have the gray drizzle/rain roll right back in and dash all your hopes- SUCKER! My eyes don't know how to adjust- I'm squinting in the house-LOL.

I had Emily wear her new implant solo for 45 minutes this morning- She definitely still hears better w/ her old cochlear implant, but not by much. It makes a huge difference when she's wearing both. I had to resort to tapping her quite a bit to get her attention, but this morning the house was definitely in loud mode. Not the ideal listening environment, at all. For the matter, is it ever???


Anonymous said...

I am starting to see big leaps (in hearing) with Ethan since he had his 2nd implant activated 2 months ago. It's so cool, I'm so glad we went bilateral.

That cake sounds delicious! I just made a few dozen choc. chip cookies and can't keep my fingers out of the cookie jar.

leahlefler said...

Yummmm... now I'm hungry! I'm making rice krispie treats today, but I don't think that counts as cooking, lol!

I need to go and find my inner Martha Stewart!