Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It Looks Like A Bottle Of Pepto Threw Up All Over My Daughter's Room

Wow- Is it pink. Now, she ASKED for pink, but it's so pink it is hurting my eyes. We're doing the wall around her big window magenta, so I'm hoping that will help. Maybe??? I'm going to go enjoy Delaney's green walls and give my eyes a rest from the Valentine's Day fest that is my daughter's bedroom.


Jennifer said...

Whoo!! We had a pink kitchen once in the first house we lived in. The floor was white and we painted all the trim white (even the blades of the ceiling fan) and it really was cute :). I'm about to be in a painting mood again're inspiring me! ;)

MB said...

When we were house hunting we passed on a house just because every single bedroom was barbie pink and I couldn't fathom the thought of the hours of painting ahead.

Katherine said...

We rented a house once where one room was pepto bismol pink. The only thing that saved it was that it had 2 walls full of windows and wide (like 4") white trim around all the doors and windows. It was tolerable once we got furniture and pictures in there, but oh my! And the kicker - the landlord wouldn't let us paint it because "look what happened when he let the last people paint". I think anything would have been better than that- especially in a public room!

Loudest Mom said...


Very funny. You can't paint because of the awful pink room-LOL. What a landlord. Hopefully you didn't stay there too long :)

I would have done the same thing. Painting is only fun if you really want to tackle it. My daughter is loving the pink, so I guess we'll keep it for now, but I may be repainting in a year when she decides pink is not her color :)

She has lots of white molding in her room, as well as cream carpet and huge windows. So, it's not so bad. Sounds a bit like your kitchen :)