Friday, February 22, 2008

We Have Rats In Our House....

or we will as of 3:30 pm today. Delaney volunteered to rat-sit her classroom's rats for the weekend. Of course, the weekend she finally got assigned is the weekend she is gone until 5:00 pm tomorrow for a sleepover. I decided the other parent would probably not appreciate two additional birthday guests (especially little white ones w/ beady red eyes). So I suppose it means I am rat-sitting. JOY!

Non-rat subject: Trey's speech therapist called earlier and asked if I would be willing to participate in a parent survey for a woman who is doing a research study on how much parents of HOH/deaf children know about hearing loss. It's an 8 page survey with a wide range of questions, such as, Do you know what all the parts of a hearing aid are called, and Do you understand what a Speech Banana is? Those were some of the easier questions, but interestingly enough, there has only been one so far that has stumped me (and not having the paper in front of me, I can't remember what the question was). Anyway- my points in mentioning the study, are 1) I would LOVE to see the results. I think this would be a fascinating study, and 2) My natural assumption is that most parents know more than we think we do (especially after reading some of the other fantastic CI parent blogs out there- yes, you know who you all are :) This researcher/teacher/administrator is trying to develop new methods for helping to better educate parents of newly diagnosed HOH/deaf children. I am not sure who all specifically is being given this test (what the cross-section is), but that would also be interesting to know (meaning are there any differences between those parents who have not had access to early intervention versus those who received EI at the beginning). I guess I should actually FINISH the survey and get it sent in, and maybe I can request a copy of the results.

O.K., Back to the rats. I have no idea how to take care of a rat. All I know is that they have to go home in pairs, as they are very social animals. Hopefully they are also very non-stinky animals. And, hopefully they will be entertained by the sight of me slapping more pink paint on a wall. Yes, I STILL have a wall left in the Emily's room.

Anyway- I better run. I have to dig out a soccer uniform for Emily, a basketball uniform for Delaney, wrap a birthday gift, and pull out Delaney's stuff for the sleep-over, all in the next 30 minutes. Happy Friday!


leahlefler said...

That study does sound interesting! Our EI program doesn't have anything on hearing loss, so we haven't gotten anything at all from them. Our audi was wonderful and gave us a handbook on hearing loss (the only information we've received from anyone). Dr. Google and the listen-up list serve have done the rest of the educating!

As for the rats, I hear they like cheese... (g)

Celeste said...

I just found your blog and really enjoy it. My son is three and received his first CI this past November.

Loudest Mom said...

Hi Celeste-

I hope he is doing well with his CI! My little boy who is 3 (almost 4) got his implant when he was almost 2. He is doing really well w/ it :)


Yes, interestingly enough they *were* on a very strict diet that did not include cheese. Guess who snuck them cheese within 3 hours of being at our house? Trey- a big 'ol piece of American, and yesterday I found some shredded Cheddar. Hopefully we don't ruin their experiement :)