Friday, February 8, 2008

My kids may never get their computer back

Since my Mac is now the official 'movie burning' computer, I have taken over the kids' PC. While I don't love it, it does let me do some things that my Mac won't (especially when it comes to this blog). I can change my font (not that I'm going to), I can write things in bold, and italics (you're all amazed and impressed, aren't you?).

Sorry it's been so quiet around here. This project has been a time sucker. Between the 'soccer movie from hell' (sorry, it's the only name that fits at this point), and the science projects that my kids are (supposed to be) working on, I've been swamped. Hopefully this weekend I'll have all special projects finished and can get back to droning on and on about nothing. Although I think I'm supposed to start painting all of the kids bedrooms next. Jake promises me he'll help me with his room -HA!

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