Thursday, February 28, 2008

Letter From Teacher J

First of all, I’ve got to tell you how HYSTERICAL (YES, HYSTERICAL IS ONE WORD I CAN THINK OF TO DESCRIBE HIM) Jake is—especially at circle times. Within the past two weeks he has told us all that he was born in Switzerland, his real name is Cooper Jackson, his parents have a pirate ship that they only use sometimes. When they aren’t sailing the pirate ship it is covered with a tarp in the yard. (HOW DOES HE EVEN KNOW THE WORD SWITZERLAND????)
Yesterday during closing circle he asked me, “Do you have a mom? Is she the boss of you? Is her older than you?” Now, these seem like just random questions when you read them, but he was in deep thought with a furrowed brow, tapping his chin with his finger, slightly shaking his head. Very serious. (YES HE'S BEEN TELLING ME FREQUENTLY THAT I'M NOT HIS BOSS- I GUESS HE WAS JUST GETTING A SECOND OPINION?) I told my parents about it on the phone last night and we roared! Frequently, his questions or comments spark an entire classroom discussion. His reading, writing, and phonemic awareness skills are fabulous and he continues to improve his kindergarten readiness weekly.
Today one of our students from last year’s a.m. class, D, visited with his family and Jake remembered him. And then Jake stalked him. (I'M SURE IN A FRIENDLY LOVING WAY-LOL) He and Jake played together last year and D is from a nice family, too.(I'M GLAD SHE INCLUDED THE TOO- WE MUST RATE AS A NICE FAMILY) I think that Jake could sense that D was feeling a bit nervous about visiting so Jake took it upon himself to include D in everything. They were inseparable for the 45 minutes that D was here and Jake was ever so polite and inviting,
D, did you bring your backpack? No? Well, do you want to go on the monkey bars with us anyway?” D was smitten with Jake as well! He and D sat next to each other at snack and at closing circle, and Jake insisted that they be excused together, also. After they left D’s mother, Y, gave me her phone numbers because D told her that he wanted a play date with Jake. If you see some random note in Jake’s backpack with unfamiliar names written on it it’s just Y’s note!
Now, he can still be ornery, but we love that! Thanks, Teacher J.
My notes are the sarcastic ones above in all caps. This letter just cracked me up. It sums up Jake perfectly. Goofy, Mischievious, Friendly, and ORNERY :) This teacher has been so great for Jake. She truly appreciates the many different facets of his personality. We will miss her next year :(


leahlefler said...

ROFL- I love it! You never knew you were really a group of Swiss pirates, did you?

Val said...

yea, how does he know that word? Wouldn't you love to be able to sneak in unnoticed to hear all of that? I'm sure he cracks y'all up at home too

Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed by that teacher! And Jake sounds like a total sweetie.

Loudest Mom said...


"Total sweetie" (although I'd love it), might be a stretch, but he definitely keeps us all entertained-LOL! He is a really good friend though :)

All I can think is it much have been used in an episode of one of his favorite shows, because I don't think we have ANY books on Switzerland :) And I don't think they're covering this in school-LOL. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in his classroom :)

I've always said we are a bit boring- "Swiss pirates" paints a much more exciting picture than our reality :)