Monday, February 11, 2008

Port-A-Potties: #1 place not to lose a cochlear implant

Not that this happened, but it did cross my mind yesterday. Delaney had a soccer scrimmage last night, so we all trekked across town to watch. At some point Trey discovered two port-a-potties right next to the bleachers, and of course he needed to use the bathroom.....frequently. I didn't really think about it all that much until one of the other mom's asked me to hold her small camera while she used the 'facilities'. She mentioned that she would hate to have it fall in. At this point Trey has locked himself in the other one, and all I can think about is his cochlear implant falling in- YUCK!!!!! Honestly, I had never considered this possibility. There is NO WAY I would go in after it. I think we'll just remove his implant before he uses these marvelous little inventions. Trust me- Emily's falling down the sewer grate was bad enough.


Anonymous said...

Making a mental note to self right now! That thought made me cringe. And I don't think I could go after it either. Yuck!

Abbie said...

LOL!! I had to laugh at this!