Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Emily's Birthday Update

Emily is going to be 8 on March 6th. 8- I can't believe it. The only thing she has asked for, for her birthday this year is a guitar. She also asked for one for Christmas, but Santa vetoed the gift. However, we are caving and letting her Gram and Papa buy her a guitar. It is hiding in the back of my car right now. Jake, unfortunately knows about the guitar (since he was with me when it was purchased), and has been plotting how to steal it away from his sister. He also has already asked her to share the guitar w/ him (yes, the guitar that she is not supposed to know about, that is a surprise birthday gift). Fortunately, he informed her of all this when she did not have her cochlear implant on this morning, so I think she is still in the dark on the whole deal. Our big gift to her are lessons at the local music store (and a whole slew of new clothes, so she'll look good playing the guitar). We'll see how the reality of a guitar compares to her guitar fantasy- I loved the piano much more when I didn't have to take lessons anymore.

She's also having a Rock Climbing Wall party that I have to get invitations out for asap. Our options were a swimming party, or the rock climbing wall- I opted for climbing, so that she can interact better with her friends. The pool is always fun, but she obviously can't hear in the water, and since it is *her* party, I thought she might want to be able to chat more easily. She also climbs like a monkey (since the age of 18 months), so she's a natural at rock climbing walls. Anyway- better run and get the invitations done so I can deliver them today :)


Mom to Toes said...

How exciting!!!!!

It is so wonderful that she will be taking music lessons. I can't tell you how much it means to me to read this post.

These kids really don't have any limitations, do they? :D

Loudest Mom said...

Nope- The only limitation my kids have is their lack of singing ability (and that was inherited straight from their mom :) I LOVE to sing, but do it quite poorly-LOL! I do however love music, and really enjoy playing the piano (when I get the chance to do so). I'm hoping Emily has a love for music as well (and the ability to get through the finger pain that comes with learning to play an acoustic guitar). I have no doubt that she has the ability to learn to play any instrument she wants to- if she chooses NOT to learn, it will be because it just isn't her cup of tea (and we'll have a guitar around the house just for fun :)