Saturday, June 28, 2008

No middle ground. Deaf culture/ raising a deaf/HOH child is just too political

I have to say. We've sunk to an all time low. When we're chastizing people over their decision to place "deaf child" signs in the neighborhood, don't you think we've placed our own political agendas before one others viewpoints??? If there was something available that MIGHT help keep someones children safe, why would someone be against that? I'm just at a loss here. I've tried to play nice, but come on people. We should all be in this together. My children are deaf. Three have implants. I'm typically afraid to admit that to quite a few in the deaf culture, yet I yearn for my chilren to also have that perspective. I am not alone. There is a middle ground here. I am sure of it.


Val said...

It just gets plain silly sometimes, people want to dream up reasons to get angry.
On a side note,I thought just two were in implants, are we going for four w/implants? Don't you have one in aids...? Y'all are hard to keep up w/ ! Anyway I almost had Brook's hair chopped! She even got in the chair this time, big accomplishment. For now it's still hairstyles by mom, she lost her courage but hopefully soon we'll get that professional cut!

Loudest Mom said...

LOL! Sorry, I have 3 in implants, four implants total :) I was just mad, and probably typed in too much of a hurry. Heck I can't keep track of them half the time. Jake is still holding steady w/ his hearing aids, although his hearing is really horrible at the moment. We'll be getting him checked again this week.

I'm so impressed with your cutting ability :) I wouldn't dare try- I remember those barbie doll cuts I did as a youngster vividly- not pretty

Val said...

I can only do trims, I'm gonna show her your daughter's haircut and hopefully if she wants short hair bad enough she'll let someone professionally cut it. She's four and a half and never had a real hair cut

cnkatz said...

Searching for a middle ground lies nowhere else but the one you are standing on. What you feel safe and right is the middle ground, which WILL change as time goes along as your deaf child grows up.

Free unhindered spontaneous deep communication between the deaf child and the parents is the primary fertile ground for where your child springs out developing optimally. Soon come more "political" storms to navigate through - school, college, community.

Trust the middle ground you are standing on. Go well.

Karen said...

There are many of us standing in the middle ground, come and find us. :)