Tuesday, June 10, 2008

End Of School BBQ

Today is Trey's last day of school (until summer school starts in two weeks). It's been a good year overall. Has he progressed as much as we would have liked? No. But, I know the whole team (us, his teachers, SLP, audiologist, and school director) are all going to work even harder this next year to make that we are doing everything we need to do for Trey's development. I think we all maybe followed Trey's lead, and were too passive. He's such a fun-loving, sweet natured child, who never seems bothered by his lack of ability to interact with his peers. He makes it easy to not worry. But, I think he would be even happier if he had the words to use with his friends and siblings. So, now we need to give him the 'words'.

He has a BBQ today (that I'll be heading to shortly), to kick-off summer. The weather is definitely not cooperating, but that happens here in June. We've been to many of these BBQs (from when Emily attended the school), and I think we've had more rainy days than sunny ones :) The kids do not care, and the sno-cones will be eaten in massive quantities- maybe it's better that it is raining. The rain can wash away the stickiness.


leahlefler said...

Gotta love summer time! Full of occasional thunderstorms, sticky treats, and warm days. A BBQ sounds really good right about now! Good luck over the summer with the extra speech/language therapy. I'm planning lots of trips to local zoos and that sort of thing. I think only moms of deaf and hoh kids think of these events as language opportunities, lol!

Loudest Mom said...

You're right! LOVE the zoo for that very reason. We'll probably be doing the same :)