Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hello Machurino....

I spent the entire morning at a soccer fundraiser (working at a softball tournament- yes, don't ask, it's complicated :) But, (on the same note) the job wasn't all that complicated. We worked the snack bar- you know, the basics: nachos, hot dogs, hamburgers, and THE MACHURINO. I'll come back to that ;) There was a snack bar manager who decided that we must all have the intellect of a......rock. Yes, a rock pretty much sums it up. He treated all of us (all parents, who have raised children to be *at least* 11, not to mention those of us who have had 'jobs'), as if we lacked the ability to think on our own. It was quite insulting, yet at the same time highly amusing.

We were given very specific instructions on how to make a hot dog (take a bun, pull it open and place a hot dog inside- WOW!), and best of all, the MACHURINO. Basically a layer of corn chips, followed by chili, followed by cheese (and your choice of any of the following: onions, jalapenos, and olives), then repeat. With the topper: a dollop of sour cream- no more, no less. "Make it pretty folks- people need to see these and WANT them.....they should be eye candy". Now I've worked snack bars and concessions with the best of them, and I have never encountered anyone like this concessions manager. If he would not have been so entertaining, I might have actually gotten mad.

Tomorrow morning- the arthritus to come!

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