Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Back from the pediatrician

I feel lucky- we haven't actually been in awhile, and I was wavering on whether we really even needed to go. Thank goodness I decided enough was enough. We have all had the 'creeping crud' (for lack of a better word)- cough, fever, cough, and more cough. It's not fun and it seems to hang on. That said, Jake was the first to succumb and is still hacking away. Today, while killing a few moments in my car, he was sitting next to me and I heard some odd crackling, vibrating noises as he was breathing.....so very faint, but still there. I called and got him in. For the next two hours he proceeded to run around like a lunatic and act like he's never felt better- I almost called to cancel, but I didn't.

Good thing. He has bronchitis bordering on pneumonia. Mother's intuition- it has never steered me wrong (that and really good ears :) He is on strong antibiotics, and hopefully will be able to enjoy his last week of school (next week).

Have I whined yet about the summer that refuses to appear? It has been the rainiest, bleakest spring since I've lived here (with the exception of the week of heat when we all complained- I know, we're a fickle lot here in the NW). Please sun, give us a peek, pretty please!!!

O.K. enough whining- Trey has his second IEP next Monday (w/ our local school district). I'll be interested to see what their recommendations are. The bummer is, it's on the same day as field day- that said, if the weather doesn't improve we'll only be missing outdoor activities in the rain, and sno-cones in the wind and cold. See- a silver lining!

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