Thursday, June 5, 2008

Message to Rachel

Late to the party, but here goes nothing! I have to admit, I've steered clear of much of the controversy over CI/nonCI, etc. I am simply a parent who made multiple decisions for multiple kids, and I did not feel like getting blasted for those decisions. However, I truly hope that my children grow up to feel as strongly as Rachel does : .

If they don't, I can live with that as well. Let's be honest. I needed to make decisions at a time when my children were too young to weigh in. That said, they are all very verbal and they all do quite well with their voices. So well in fact, that I was compelled to name this blog the "loudest house on the block". Thank goodness Rachel and her blog are around, as a strong role model (and positive reinforcement), for the decisions we make for our young children. That is not to say that it is the 'only' decision. But for our family, and our kids, it has worked.

Thank you Rachel for being a positive voice. I think it is unfortunate that you have been removed from deaf read, but trust me- you will be read anyway.



Val said...

Aww, how nice. She is a very strong person and sticks and stones might break her bones (and I'm not even sure about that) but names just make her stronger. I hope my kids are as strong as her one day! I'm out, we're officially the "loudest car on the block" for the next six hours!

elizabeth said...

Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I write for www.cochlearimplantonline. My fellow blogger, Rachel (a bilateral CI recipient) and I, along with a team of other moderators interested in hearing loss, have developed a new website,, and we would love to add your blog to our feeds list. Please email me at: to subscribe! We hope you'll join us... because "it takes a village to raise a child"!

Rachel said...

Hey there! I just saw this entry today! Thank you for showing your support for my website!

Loudest Mom said...


You absolutely have it :)