Sunday, June 8, 2008

I lied (about the pictures), and a HUGE callout to my nephew-

Connor. Today was the 5K run for CARRA (that I've mentioned in previous posts- an outstanding organization raising money for autoimmune illnesses, which my neice happens to suffer from). I was SO fired up for today- I'd been working on my 'pace' for months (o.k., not really, but that *was* my original plan). Instead, I've had the cold that will not quit, and I was dying- DYING. The soccer contingency I brought out (my daughter and friends), left me in the dust, so I ran w/ my sister, friend, brother-in-law (pushing heavy stroller), and an assortment of young children. Am I pathetic and sad that the young children left me in the dust at times???? Not to mention the 70 year old woman, suffering from arthritis w/ a CANE (huge props to her!!! She even managed a huge shout out to us to steer clear of the dog poop in our path- which I'm sure we all would have trod right through). That said, my nephew, and the other little ones running with us did such a fantastic job of running, jogging, walking, and rarely 'strollering**' through the race, it was amazing.

I did take pictures, I'm just too tired to post them right now. I had a pizza party for the soccer girls last night, followed by a sleepover followed by 6:30 am 'snack time' to get them ready to run, followed by the 5K, followed by a 4-5 course breakfast (prepared by me...who was already barely breathing from running 3 miles w/ a mild form of the plague), followed by sprinkler fun (in the 58 degree weather) followed by buying snacks for Pioneer day (for the 5th grader), and Camp days (for the 2nd grader)....I know, I really don't need to go on, but I'm impressing myself (HA!).

A good time was had by all, and I definitely have pictures that I will some point in time :)


**Strollering: Defined by my nephew- 'mom, I need a stroller NOW', or ' Dad, I MUST insist I stand behind my lil' sisters stroller and let you jog me around because you'll get major brownie points, that will surely buy you something'.

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Anonymous said...

you're so funny! I love it when moms can maintain a sense of humor in the midst of chaos.