Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer is here (at least temporarily) and we've been outside....

enjoying the weather (hence my prolonged absence). I've found that you have to take advantage of these warm sunny days while they're here! Trey seems to think that if the sun is peeking through the clouds, it's 'water' time- despite the 52 degree temperature. So, that's exactly what we've been doing- he has drug out the hose and filled every container in the garage (after dumping the contents all over the floor), and then dumps it on his feet.

Yesterday he had his school district IEP. I think it went well- I was actually pleasantly surprised with some of the things they were offering to do (check his hearing in his aided ear every 3 months through the school district, provide the FM system w/ really no prompting from me, etc.). That said, I really think we'll be keeping him at his current school, and hope that either the school district will 'agree' that it is the right place for him, or we continue to receive some grants to enable Trey to stay at the school. It is fairly expensive, and w/ gas being so HORRIBLY high, it's nice to get some help.

What else have we been up to? Wednesday we had Jake's last t-ball game (SO excited) and tonight is his pizza party. Thursday we had Delaney's scoliosis follow-up appointment (I don't think I mentioned it, but she did not pass her school scoliosis screening- just what I wanted to cram in during the last week of school). It lasted all of about 5 minutes- she does have a very mild curve in her lower spine, but her left leg is slightly shorter than her right (causing the curve). The doctor basically said she's fine, but she'll glance at it at her next check-up. She also mentioned that it is more abnormal to *not* have a slight curve.

Today I helped at Emily's (and Delaney's) school for Field Day. Emily was very excited to have me as her line leader, so it was really fun getting to help out. That's about it- thrilling, isn't it. I think that's the other reason I haven't written anything. Life is just a bit routine right now. Not that that's a bad thing, in fact I think it's great in many ways :)

Well, I better go finish doing some cleaning.....all that time outside is starting to take a toll on the house!

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