Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Stats

Number of sleepovers had or gone to: 5 (in 5 nights)
Number of nights we've grilled/bbq'd: 3 (we ran out of propane in mid-bbq, or would be higher)
Number of days we've had the sprinklers on: 3
Number of days I've thought fondly of school: 5 (HA!)
New additions to house and/or family: New furniture coming today, 3 baby birds living in our backyard (somehow the kids found a nest and discovered the birds.....I'm not sure if the mom will come back at this point, so we're worm hunting for them)
Number of playdates: ENDLESS STREAM

Number of days I haven't posted on this blog: 3....sorry everyone, see above list for explanation
Summer school starts tomorrow so we'll have *some* semblance of a routine back

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