Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stonefish (and other assorted creatures)

Jake continues to amaze me with the information he picks up without even trying. We've really never had this experience with the other kids- we had to really work to build their vocabulary and expose them to many different topics and discuss everything at length. Jake came home from school the other day talking about Sea 'Anemies', which I figured out must be Sea Anemones....yes, hard for even an adult to say. He was able to recite all kinds of facts about various sea creatures, and when I spoke with his teacher, she said they had just read a book- one time. Amazing.

Today he was watching a special on "Animal Planet" and came upstairs to invite me down to watch with him. He told me it was all about Stonefish, which 'are so poisonous, mom' and to tell me about Box Jellyfish (and 'the lifeguards wear these long socks, only they're not really socks, they protect their legs'). He's like a sponge, and learns so effortlessly it just blows us away.

My little sponge :)


Val said...

that IS impressive.
Pretty soon when he's watching something PG, he'll say "ooooo, he said the A word!!!" only it won't anemonies(I can't spell it or say it, I like his version better)

Laurie said...

Wonderful! Sounds like he is making up for lost time. . .I still have words I have trouble pronouncing as an adult and sometimes stop to ask for help. . .an example would be "intuition." I have to remember that the first "t" is silent. I say words they way they look and don't always know that certain letters are silent! The English language is very complicated and confusing at times!

Loudest Mom said...

That's the part that will be bad (the repeating of words I would rather him NOT know -LOL). He's already going around calling everyone a 'football head' from a cartoon he has seen once.

And, Laurie- I comletely agree with you. The English language is really complicated!