Saturday, June 28, 2008

Daughter played soccer w/ NO hearing.......

and she did o.k. It was an inevitable experiment. We had a situation where batteries didn't get charged (don't was the unthinkable "hair dryer" incident, where the charger did not get charged). And Emily had two soccer games and 12 hours of play time w/ out either implant. She threw a fit (which I would FULLY expect), and then we decided to go w/ it. Not what we would choose, but we all survived. She did not play better soccer (which I wondered, as she wouldn't be holding her implant on her head), but she played well with her friends 'implant-less'. She is a spectacular lip-reader :)

Needless to say we will not try the experiment again. I will NEVER blow-dry my hair again! She played much better soccer with her implant- she was better able to adust on the field and she was just much more confident.

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