Monday, June 23, 2008

School- what a beautiful thing

Trey started summer school today. It might have been hard getting all of us out of bed and to school on time, but SO worth it. Trey was so excited to be back at school- he raced out of the car and into the classroom, while the rest of us were still locking doors, etc. He wasn't fazed by the new classroom, new teacher, and new students, one little bit.

We'll see if tomorrow goes as well. The only little 'issue' we had was Trey insisted that a lunchbox was his, yet I hadn't packed him a lunch. He was so mad that I wouldn't let him grab the lunchbox and bring it home. A few minutes later his new teacher told me "you know, Trey was right- that lunchbox is his. He left it on the last day of school".....dumb mom!

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