Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Party Pics (and more)

Jake and Connor at Addison's party

Birthday Girl Addison- Two Years Old

The Girl Cousins- Delaney, Addison, and Emily

Trey on the green machine

Emily's New Hair- just in time for her soccer tournament this weekend in the 98 degree weather. She's down an implant due to a severe battery shortage- AGAIN. Hopefully they'll arrive tomorrow so she can be bilateral again :)

This is the laziest of posts, but I wanted to share some pictures of the kids from the last few days. Somehow I missed one of Jake, so I'll have to add that in as well.


tammy said...

Love her new short do! We chopped Kailyn's last summer ... shorter hair in hot weather = happier kids! : ) You have beautiful children!

Val said...

Love that hair! Okay, I've got 48 more days til school starts counting weekends....then 47 days...then 46...you know what I mean???

Loudest Mom said...

Val- I hear you LOUD and clear (we're having a day and 1/2).

Tammy- Thanks :) Still getting used to the hair, but the important thing is Emily loves it....and I can still make her wear head bands and cute clips-LOL!