Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Went to the ENT today....

Jake's ears look great. But, if the negative ear pressure continues we need to put in new tubes. Got all the paperwork filled out, and on a whim decided to take him to our Audiologist to make sure the negative pressure is still there. It's not- of course. Perfect little mountains (on his tympanograms). And, she had time to put him in the soundbooth quickly, and he has regained most of his lost hearing (meaning, back to where we started w/ him). He is holding steady at moderate to moderate-severe loss bilaterally.

So, the ENT trip was not necessary, but I had to schedule it a while back, and if I didn't take him, he'd still have negative ear pressure (or at least that's how these things tend to go for me :) Now I need to figure our why our TV is still getting cranked up to it's highest volume level- habit???? That's one we'll be breaking!

The only thing we didn't do was turn his hearing aids back down (they were adjusted for the temporary hearing loss back in December). He hasn't really complained, but we probably need to adjust those puppies- He was down to 80/90 db at 250 (frequency). He's now back up to 60- that can't be comfortable, can it?

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leahlefler said...

I swear, kids are like cars! If your car makes a funny noise- it stops the moment you get it to a mechanic. If your kid has a (temporary) condition that isn't resolving, it disappears the minute you walk into a doctor's office!