Friday, March 7, 2008


We have found the missing hearing aids (and molds....separated of course). They had run away from Jake because he turns the tv and radio on TOO LOUD! Actually, he had taken them off yesterday morning, and stashed them under my pillow on my bed. Why???? No idea. But, I'm just glad they are found. My only wish is that I had found them prior to looking in my linen closet (the boys had been playing in there)- it necessitated a complete overhaul, which I guess was long overdue, but not on my list of things to get done immediately. And, rummaging through Jake's toy box (which, see note on linen closet).

Birthday recap coming- later today. Can't ignore Em turning 8.


Jennifer said...

I'm SO glad you found 'em...although the location cracked me up. Not where I'd look first ;)!

leahlefler said...

Thank goodness you found them! They really need a GPS tracking device installed, lol. I've had two panic attacks with Nolan's hearing aids- thank goodness he's pretty immobile so I only have to retrace my steps! I don't think he'll stay immobile forever, though... darn!