Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cloning device needed

Thursdays are quickly becoming the craziest day of the week around here. Somehow we need to get three children to three different activities at 5:00 pm. I had it all worked out on Monday that, Rob would drop Delaney off at basketball at 5:00 pm, I'd take Emily to her soccer game (5:10 pm start time), I'd stay for Emily's game and then book it over to basketball to pick up Delaney, and then he'd take Jake to t-ball practice from 6-7:00. Well, then t-ball decided that it was too cold the other night, so they would move up the start time to 5:00 (which I have to kind of agree with, but it does mess up my master plan). So now we're left w/ a dilemma. The only solution I can think of is cloning- or carpooling, which might be simpler in the long-run.

Anyway- before I forget- Happy Birthday Dad! I left him a voicemail, but he was in flight, returning home from a vacation w/ my mom. I'll let this suffice as my birthday wish, since in typical fashion I forgot to send a card :( Isn't this better than a card Dad???

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