Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Jake is broken.....

Or at least he sounds like he is. He's been walking around for the last week making these throat-clearing sounds that drive me CRAZY! He has horrible allergies, and with the early Spring we're having they are back with a vengeance. He's supposed to be taking Claritin and Zyrtec daily (and he is, for the most part), and I think we're going to have to add back in his nasal spray. He goes to our fantastic ENT tomorrow to see how we can get rid of the negative ear pressure he has (and hopefully bring back some of his hearing). I really, really, do not want to do (not that *I'd* be doing them) another set of ear tubes, but if that's what it takes, then we'll have to do it. I know, they are not a big deal, but frankly at age 5 I thought we'd be done with them.

I did a little research online, and stumbled across a device called the Ear Popper (http://www.earpopper.com) that is supposed to resolve ear pressure issues (sounds right up our alley). I'd love to know if it actually works. It's not cheap, but on the other hand I guarantee the Ear Tube surgery will be more expensive. So- if any of you have heard of this little miracle device, please let me know. I am going to ask our ENT about it tomorrow, as well.

Here's a description for those who are interested (taken directly from the " Ear Popper's" website:

What is the EarPopper?

Everyone can relate to the discomfort of ear pressure. You might experience this while flying on an airplane or traveling on a fast moving elevator (especially when you have a cold or allergies). The pressure on the eardrums and the related discomfort can be unbearable. Not to mention the reduction in hearing from the pressure on the eardrums and the potential for more serious problems if the pressure isn’t relieved.

The EarPopper has been clinically proven to relieve negative ear pressure. Negative ear pressure can cause:

Hearing Loss
Fluid build-up behind the eardrum (Otitis media with effusion)

Sounds great, doesn't it? Maybe sounds a little too great, but I figure it's at least worth asking about.

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