Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Break- Is It Over Yet?

Thanks for the 20th Reunion replies. I knew some of you had to be 88'ers (or close to this point in my life a few years up and a few years down, especially down ;) I consider 'my age'). I'm still undecided, mainly because my daughter only has two soccer tournaments this summer, and I'd hate to miss one of them. I guess I'll just wait to see who all is going.

On a totally unrelated note- we managed to lose Trey's cochlear implant twice yesterday. I seriously thought I was going to lose it. The first time, we managed to dig it out of it's hiding spot (under our giant bean bag), after about an hour or so. The second time I gave up looking after an hour. I was freaking out, and then, here comes Trey wandering by with the darn thing stuck on his head. I asked him repeatedly "Where did you find your implant?", and all he would do is point to his ear and smile. "Come on mom- it's right here on my head"......He obviously remembered where he had stashed it. I just wish he'd share, so next time we're hunting for it, we'll know another secret hiding spot. I'm tired- Spring Break is wearing me out, and I only have one on break this week. The other three are home *next* week.

On top of the missing implant (and Jake's missing hearing aids on Tuesday, which I think I decided to spare you all on- yes, we found them, behind the toilet....don't ask), my oldest daughter has discovered the joy of talking with her friends on the phone, and somehow managed to lose our only remaining handset. We now are phoneless. So, family- don't bother calling us for the time being. We can't answer. I guess I should go do some phone shopping now. Bye!


Anonymous said...

How do you deal? How?
I get mad when anything is lost, and for you it's a permanent state of being :-) You must be a zen mama.

Loudest Mom said...

I think that fact is finally sinking in :( My life is about finding lost things.......Expensive lost things.