Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring is in the air- and so are PROJECTS

Gotta love school projects. It seems they are in abundance this time of year. I consider them parental torture....Yes, they are projects for our children. But, let's be honest. They quite often require adult assistance, and if you do not help out, your child's project looks a bit pathetic when compared to the others. So, tonight I am helping to construct a leprechaun (sp) trap, continuing to pour acid rain on a cucumber plant, and building a small revolutionary war village (I think- Delaney was still making her mind up about what project *she* wanted to tackle).

I'll let you know if our trap catches any leprechauns on Monday (yes, I changed this- for whatever reason I was thinking St. Patty's Day was Friday- good thing I didn't send Trey to school in green :)

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