Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tryouts are over, and one daughter made a team, and the other daughter did not-

But, Emily (the daughter who did not) is really two years too young for any of the U11 soccer teams. We just sent her for fun. And, I think she had was really, really rainy yesterday, and cold (43 degrees). Delaney made her team from last year, which is exactly what she wanted, so all in all, tryouts went as planned. I saw lots of really happy faces, and some that looked a bit stressed. Although to be honest, most of the stress was on the faces of the parents. Lots of really pensive parents, hoping their children wouldn't be disappointed. Hoping their children would make the best team. Hoping their child would make *any* team. I am just glad tryouts are over!! All of the pre-tryout gossip gets tiring. And yes, this is YOUTH soccer. I'm sure other sports are equally as bad, but I only have been witness to the craziness that is youth soccer.

Now that I have a t-ball child as well, I'll keep you posted :)

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