Monday, March 10, 2008

Emily is 8 (plus a few days)

Emily turned 8 this past week. (Pictures to come- Blogger will not add them at the moment). We finished BOTH her parties (thank goodness), and while she now can say she's officially 8, she told me the other day she still feels 'pretty much' 7. That's o.k. Em- I still feel 'pretty much' 28- LOL. Actually, if truth be told, I feel pretty much 75 this morning, but that's only due to my new bedmade, Trey, who makes me sleep in a very contorted position so as not to disturb him. Yes, that will be ending TONIGHT.

Emily is our child who may look like an angel on the outside (and always has), but she has a fiesty streak a mile long. She was born with huge round eyes that could make you melt, but they would also lull you into a false sense of complacency so that you wouldn't notice the mischief and mayhem she was planning. Emily was born petite- so much so, in fact, that we had to feed her extra food/Pediasure to help her meet her weight goals, but what she lacks in size, she makes up for in personality. She is impossible to ignore- trust me, I've tried on occasion.

When Em was little she had no fear- she still operates this way to an extent. She would climb anything 'climb-able', try to ride anything that looked 'ride-able', and would try anything with very little prompting. Plus, the strength of this child was, and still is, amazing. She will fight you tooth and nail if necessary when she feels strongly about something- luckily she saves this side of her for her mom and dad. I think it will serve her well later in life, as I know she will let no one push her around. In spite of this daring nature, she is also our homebody. Quite often she would rather stay home, and hang out with her family, than spend the night w/ friends, or have playdates. She likes them on occasion but she is also very fond of *home*. She also knows when she has had enough, and will take downtime when needed. We should all be so good at taking care of ourselves :)

Most of all, she is just Emily. Best friend, and most annoying little sister to Delaney; Watchful, loving and slightly bossy big sister, to Jake and Trey; and our pixie-like/impish youngest daughter, who we love very much. Happy 8th Birthday Em!

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