Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Son- the (disgusting) Superhero

Jake came into the bedroom (where I was *still* folding laundry) to inform me that he discovered his superpowers. " Oh really? Tell me about what you can do", I naively said. He came in to demonstrate his 'power' (read ahead at your own risk), yelling I'm 'SuperSneeze', and blew his nose- NO TISSUE IN SIGHT. What is that about???? Gross (I love girls, I love girls, I love girls.....)

We came to an agreement that he could only use his special power when a bad guy was around. He certainly made me run away (and get a tissue).

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leahlefler said...

Matthew started spitting recently. I was hoping he'd be older before that behavior started! BLECH! I have a serious case of girl envy right now! I am seriously not looking forward to any sort of a booger phase. Boys....