Monday, December 8, 2008

Wow- It's definitly a Monday!

I just received an email message from our bank saying they 'cancelled the bill pay service, as requested'. Great- except I DID NOT cancel my bill pay. I've been using it since 2004, and would never cancel it. I just called them, and they are going to try to reinstate it (not sure who cancelled it and why. They think it was supposed to be someone else's that got cancelled- scary). All my history may be gone....forever. Sigh. I so do not want to reimput all my bill pay information.

And, the window people came out to replace the window Trey broke, and as they were installing it, they broke the new window. Just a small crack (but the window they were replacing just had a 'small' crack).

Hope everyone is having a better Monday! Especially poor Gage w/ his ear infection......

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