Thursday, December 4, 2008

Certain items are essential in our house- tubing for earmolds/hearing aids being one of them

Yesterday, the tip from Delanley's hearing aid ear hook broke off, into her tubing (which is ANCIENT at this point), which meant she was not able to wear her hearing aid. This was catastrophic to my middle school daughter, judging by her reaction. She was forced to wear her CI only- suffice it to say, we did not feel *too* sorry for her. The great audiologist from Trey's school replaced the now shortened ear hook for me, and we were on our way. At that point, I realized her tubing was so old, it was molded permanently into one position and would no longer work with her hearing aid. You'd think I'd have a stockpile of certain things, like hearing aids batteries, and replacement tubing, but I haven't had to use it in so long, I didn't realize I was out.

And then this morning, Jake's tubing split in two- Cracked right across the middle (obviously caused by me, and the fact that I haven't changed it in a long long long time, and their ears just don't grow as much, so we're not going through huge quantities of ear molds).

Anyway- tubing, for all you hearing aid parents- stock it, and avoid my hearing aid drama!

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leahlefler said...

Something to think about! We don't have any extra tubing, but we still see the audiologist quite frequently. I'll have to think about stocking up!

We go through microphone filters like crazy. Nolan crams food into them or they fall out and get lost. Luckily we haven't lost many other things on them, lol!