Monday, December 15, 2008

No School Today......NEW, pictures of the pioneer children(drawing by candlelight)

It's hard to believe- it's bright and sunny, a thin layer of crusty (icy) snow on the ground, and they decide to cancel school. I guess maybe the 20 degree temperature, and wild, wacky winds came into play. We lost power last night for a short while- my children would have made horrible pioneers. They did not like my fun ideas (hangman by candlelight, drawing pictures, writing stories). Jake kept telling me to go fix the 'lectricity. I wish!

Fortunately, it was only out for a couple of hours. My biggest issue was trying to figure out how I was going to get cochlear implant batteries charged with no power. Rob mentioned the car charger, we probably could have given them a quick charge, but still not sure that is the best solution. Hopefully we won't have that happen again.

We have a chance for some more snow this week, and as fun as the idea of snow seems, I really don't want to kids to miss this last week of school. I know, such a bad mom- it's not for the kids' sake, it's for mine :) I need to finish up some Christmas shopping, and can't do it w/ no school.

I better go tame the wild animals. I'm bribing them w/ a movie trip later....

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leahlefler said...

Power outages with kids are not fun! A lot of people out this way have generators, but buying an expensive generator probably isn't worth it if you only have power outages occasionally. Hopefully the power won't go out for long again!