Thursday, December 4, 2008

Taking a break from the worst Christmas special ever...

I really have enjoyed most of the series, but "Shrek the Halls" is just too much for me. It comes off as a schizophrenic add-on to the three movies, that is hard to follow, and IMO impossible to watch. It could also be due to the 10,000,000 commercials. So, my three kids are downstairs enjoying it, and I am up here...enjoying it. FYI- for those who keep track, yes I have four kids, but one is at soccer right now.

It is Jake's birthday today (bday post coming tomorrow), but let's just say it was a bit like "Shrek the Halls"- schizophrenic and hard to follow (or at least keep up with). However, he had a great day and loved each and every one of his gifts :) So- I'll put that in the 'good job' column for now. He requested lasagna for his special birthday dinner, which is only funny if you were at our house between 9/26 and 10/15. People were so amazing with their outpouring of help after Rob's cardiac issue and I am truly grateful. But (please re-read the last sentence before reading our family humor), we had lasagna coming our of our ears. We ate it for breakfast, we ate it for lunch and of course for dinner, for about 3 weeks. And, I was always grateful not to have to scramble to cook, but it became a running 'funny'. So for Jake to request lasagna, was just FUNNY! And, I made it willingly, with love.

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