Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm not sure you can see the house from outer space....

but we're working on it. Trey motivated me to hang our Christmas lights yesterday (basically by chasing me through the house with the lights in his hands, yelling "LIGHT"....I just couldn't take it anyore). It's the first time I've done it. Typically Rob braves the elements, climbs up the ladder, and gets them up, but because he takes blood thinners, I decided he's now retired. It wasn't so bad, although when the rain kicked in and it started getting windy I became a lot less picky about how they looked. Not to mention there is one portion of the house that can only be reached by having someone else stabilize the ladder (picture one leg of the ladder off the ground), and I wasn't totally confident Delaney had it totally under control.

We're meeting at some point this week to review Trey's progress to date. I think he's definitely making progress, but he is still so, so delayed in speech/language. (Oops- Rob just called and the meeting was supposed to be this morning.) I had Thursday marked on my mental calendar. Rob left the paperwork for me at school to review, so I'll update later once I've glanced at it.

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