Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pat me on the back please...

I have 6 WHOLE holiday cards done, addressed, and stamped. Yay me! Now I just have to finish the remaining 50 or so. Today is Emily's heart appointment. I'm thinking I'm going to take her out of school a bit early, and treat her to lunch. Not fried, fast food (because that just seems wrong, considering we're going to a Cardiology appt), but maybe Subway, although during soccer season (which is pretty much year round at this point) we eat there a lot. Sorry for the rambling. I tend to talk, and think that way when I'm facing a busy day.

You know....busier than normal.

I'm also debating whether to jump on the tread mill for a quick run, but considering I actually showered, and put make-up on this morning, I'm leaning towards not running. I'd hate to have to cram in a second shower.

We were all getting a bit excited- we had been told by our all-knowing weather people that we might get snow this weekend. But, alas, it is now looking bleak. The cold snap, and the rain are going to miss each other, which is what we need here to actually get snow....or ice. Which I didn't want. It's probably for the best- Delaney and many of her teammates have tryouts for a regional team this weekend. Tryouts in the ice and snow ALL DAY do not sound like much fun.


tammy said...

Girl, you get more than a pat on the back from me! 6 CARDS! That's awesome! How about me trying to just get "the picture" for the cards ... yeah, not happening!! Sometimes the best are the one's where the kids are just being that - kids! AND your tree is up! WOO HOO! BTW - Love your new blog pic of the kids! Puts a smile on my face everytime I see it!

Hope Emily's appt went well!

leahlefler said...

I'd be happy to send some snow, any time you want it!

I hope Emily's appointment goes well and your day isn't TOO busy. I get so busy with two kids- I can't imagine four kids who are all active in sports! At least you're never bored, lol.

Loudest Mom said...

Thanks Tammy.....It makes me laugh as well. Sometimes it is not the perfect pictures that I like the best. It's the pictures where personalities shine (For better or worse-LOL)

Loudest Mom said...

Send it on over Leah :)