Tuesday, December 16, 2008

School is back on

Which is great! However, as I was getting Emily ready for school, I misplaced her new implant. I have NO idea where I set it down. I hate, hate, hate this feeling, and this time it was all me. I'm still thinking a GPS add on has to happen at some point.

Anyway- hopefully I'll have a better report later, once it has been found.....

EDIT: Rob found it. It was lying under a sock, on the end table by my bed. I think I placed it there while I threw on clothes, and somehow the sock ended up on top of it.


Val said...

for days, I've tried to figure out what she is holding in that new title picture....It looks like some sort of decoy....what is that?

Loudest Mom said...

I wondered if anyone would wonder about that- it looks like a pelt of some sort, doesn't it? It's actually the detachable faux fur from the hood of her jacket. Why she took it off and chose to carry it I can't say-LOL.