Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Most likely a Friday "escape"....and for the record- the nurses make the visit!

Since Rob's admittance we've had such a range of nurses. Male nurses, female nurses, hands-on nurses, more by the clock nurses....those that have gone out of their way, and those that have said, don't come out and ask questions- use the call button only. It makes such a big difference. Especially when the patient is so groggy that their 'guests' have to be the mouthpiece. All in all, the doctor's have been great, and the nurses have been great. But there have been a few that have made tensions run high, etc. I SO appreciate the nurses that have provided comfort, reasurrance, a hug when needed, and have been willing to answer question upon question. But, it makes the "call button only" nurses a bit off-putting. It also makes me really appreciate the outstanding nurses from our children's hospital. They were as much nurses for the kids as for the stressed out parents.

Just my rambling thoughts from tonight. Looks like Rob's final procedure will be Thursday, with a Friday 'get out of jail' free card ( I hope......)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I remember a nurse so mean that she made me cry. I had just had a C-section and had a slice across my belly and she yelled at me for not getting out of bed (the next morning) and walking around!