Thursday, October 2, 2008

D Day (A.K.A. Defibrillator Day)

The last step before Rob can come home- the defibrillator. The procedure is going to be done this afternoon, with a likely release from the hospital by tomorrow. I'll be so ecstatic when we're all home again. Emily started crying last night and said, " I just want things to be normal again-- I want my mom home and my dad home". Hopefully we can get that done for her by tomorrow.

To switch gears, I received a call from the school district and I guess I'll be receiving a full report from the visit, but boy did the teacher swap idea backfire. They now think they can do not only *just* as good as a job, they think they can offer superior instruction (w/ no teacher of the deaf, and no audiologist, as of now). I'll be curious to see the report, but certainly not the news I was hoping to hear. Don't get me wrong- if I really felt confidant they could get it done, I'd switch in a heartbeat. It would save me two hours of driving a day, and with gas being what it is that would be HUGE. But, I just don't see it.

Better run- I need to get dressed, get the kids off and head over to the hospital.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I can't believe what you just wrote about the school swap. How in the heck? It's so frustrating isn't it?

Anonymous said...


Have you guys been through the process of requesting an independent evaluation? I'm entering into it and have a couple of questions. If you've been through this, could you drop me an email?


I hope hubby is home safe and sound right now.

AVT Coach said...

So sorry.. I hope your husband is okay. When you get a chance, email me so that I can email you back. I have small idea about the school situation.

tammy said...

WOW Melissa, didn't realize all this was going on with your hubby! I hope all is well! Thinking of you!

Karen Putz said...

Hope all is well with the hubby!