Monday, October 13, 2008

A moment to reflect...

The last two weeks (plus, at this point), have been such a complete whirlwind. Picture that you get the worst message you would EVER want to receive, only to be shortly followed up by one 'still cautious' but much more optimistic, and then have every possible scenario go the right direction. And, I'm talking in a 24 hour period.

Then, watch your loved one continue to do well, but be in extreme pain, not necessarily 'all there' (for lack of a better way to state it), and know that they were out of danger, but be wondering what exactly the future held (and I'm reminded of this daily- a story for another time but truly a reminder of how fortunate we are). This is now Day 3.

Then picture your loved one doing SO well, meeting every best case scenario, but have minor, SO minor setbacks (like fever, etc), and deal w/ how much it throws your world off. I like to think of it as delayed reaction...otherwise I'm just crazy :)

Now, we sit at over two weeks later, and the sheer exhaustion has just set in. We have great days, we have tired days, we have 'wow, did that really happen days', and yet, I realize how wonderfully blessed, lucky, etc. we are. We still have my husband's dad here (thank you 'mom'), my parents here (thank you mom and dad), so many friends and families making us dinner, carpooling etc, and I realize that sometimes out of those 'worst moments', you truly realized how blessed you are- and it's overwhelming.

That's where I sit right now. Good days, bad days, and all. Thank you blogworld for continuing to check-in, despite the poor posting record :)


Anonymous said...

I'm so grateful for you having made it through this rough patch, I can't even begin to imagine that type of stress. Ugh.

And happy birthday to your girl! 12!!

leahlefler said...

You have to be absolutely drained after going through all the recent events! May your life settle down and get back to "normal" very soon. You guys really need a break!

And happy birthday to Delaney- you almost have a teenager!