Wednesday, September 10, 2008

School district update (as well as ANOTHER broken battery)...

School District-

I'm not sure if I ever updated after our meeting last Friday. It was a shortish meeting (45 minutes or so), and basically the school district still feels strongly that they can teach Trey in their special ed. preschool. However, they did concede that with his frequent hearing fluctuations they would need to have an audiologist available, who is able to map/program cochlear implants on the fly. This will be difficult to work out since I already know that anyone from this area/district has to travel 30 minutes to find an Audiologist who can handle cochlear implant needs. We've also requested that the preschool teacher and SLP utilize Auditory Verbal technique in their teaching process- I'm not sure that can be accomplished either. I love both individuals, but they are not specifically trained in deaf education or more specifically AVT. So, we're meeting again next week to see what changes they have made to the existing, unapproved IEP.


Rob got a call from Em's school yesterday stating that her implant was broken. Freak out moment- Call our trusty Audiologist at the private school and she immediately orders a new cochlear implant. However, when Emily gets home we realize it is really *only* the battery (second one in 3 days....) I call Advanced Bionics and vent with them, and they agree that something is not working as it should in terms of battery longevity, and they are sending me two replacement batteries. I will be sending in the two that have broken the most recently so they can inspect them and see why they are breaking so easily. Yay Advanced Bionics.

Emily's FM system appears to not be functioning properly, so that needs to be taken care of as well. They are going to send someone out from another school district to look into it.

I think that's it for now!


Kaitlyn said...

Perhaps you should ask AB if you can be a trial client for their off the ear battery options. These options include a Y cable for bilateral processors to run on one battery, for when you only have three batteries for four processors. There is also a disposable off the ear option which runs off a AAA or AA battery, I forget which. These options have been approved in other countries but are still in FDA testing for american usage.

Loudest Mom said...

I just saw your comments- I love it!!! I'll have to look into this. We used to have the battery pack for the Auria (which they kept taking off the market due to overheating). I loved it because all it took was a double A battery, so if all else failed (meaning we messed up and didn't get the batteries charged), we could use this.

Great suggestion!