Friday, September 5, 2008

Trey's First Day of School/Meeting w/ school district

Trey had his first day of Pre-K yesterday. He now goes to school from 9-2 and has the same teacher he had for summer school, which is great :) He had a very uneventful first day, so not much to report. I have some cute pictures to upload later this afternoon.

We *finally* have a meeting w/ the school district....TODAY! I'll update after the meeting w/ how receptive they are to 'helping' Trey attend our school of choice. I'm still hoping they will realize that by doing the right things now, they are only helping themselves later, in terms of what interventions will be necessary throughout Trey's school career. It makes complete sense to me, but I know sometimes it is difficult to view these things without the budget weighing heavily into the decision making process, and it is a tough year this year budget-wise for the district. Of course, that is not stopping them from putting in an all turf soccer field and new soccer mini complex within the district- I'm going to try not to go there-LOL>

The first week of school has been exciting, crazy, and exhausting. This new start time for middle school (bus pick-up at 7:10 am), is killing me....I'm sure Delaney is not appreciating it too much either. But, I'm sure once we adjust it will be just fine. And, it only gets worse in high school- Bummer! On a GREAT note, I actually have an hour and 15 minutes every day all to myself.

That's it for now. Hopefully I'll be back later w/ FANTASTIC news!

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