Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bed Bugs and Shooting Stars

"Goodnight, Sleep yeah I hope you have sweet dreams about bed bugs"

As much as you hope your children learn and grow, etc., I also hope to not forget all the funny 'mistakes' along the way. The little expressions that are so familiar, that only a child can totally mix up - LOL.

I was also told (by Jake) that if he saw a shooting star, he would wish that everyone would do anything he asked. ALL the time. He then said if he saw another one he'd wish for a tree that grew $1,000 bills (which he said he'd share with me, of course). Jake shares all kinds of things with me on our trip back and forth from Trey's school (1/2 hour each way). The trip to school is LOUD and chaotic, but the trip home is always just Jake and I chatting about everything under the sun. Today he told me a friend from school has a $100 bill. He got it from a building called a bank, that just hands out money. He said he'd like to visit and get a $100 bill.......if only life were that simple.


Julie said...

I think my kids believed that if they could just get figure out the secret code (of the ATM machine) they could get an unlimited supply of money.


But I love the windows into their minds :0)

leahlefler said...

LOL! I think handing out $100 bills is a great alternative to lollipops at the bank!

I love the way kids' minds work!