Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Math Schmath

Sorry it's been so long- I've been busy w/ my (I mean MY DAUGHTER'S) Math homework. I didn't even like Math when *I* was in school, but now that's it is her homework, I really don't like it. Her Math book really explains nothing, and trying to remember what the Commutative Property vs. the Associative Property vs. the umpteen other properties are, is hard work. She also had roughly 2 hours of Math homework....now if I (or she) were a Math whiz, I'm sure it would not have taken so long, but it was definitely never my strongest subject. I did fine, but I had to work at it (unlike History, English, etc.) I was a bit dismayed to find that even though I checked her homework thoroughly, she still missed a few. Maybe it's time for her Dad to step in on the Math-LOL.

Anyway- we have our big school district meeting on Thursday. Hopefully this is it!

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Qaro said...

I know! My freshman brings home Geometry homework and wants me to explain it. I look at his book and there's a story, how to use this concept in real life, and 2 examples that seem to contradict each other! I feel stupid, or at least not "with it". Is this the New, new math? What are the steps? Who writes these books???

Here's a list of Top Ten Math websites I'm going to check out: